“You are what you eat, so don’t be fast, cheap, easy, or fake.” -Unknown

This quote, while quite humorous, is so accurate and already on Day 2, I’m learning so much about how what we eat impacts our health. Yes, I’m finding that it does take a little more time and that is why leftovers and a sandwich was part of my meal plan today. Simple, fast, but very satisfying.

I was in a hurry this morning so after my morning coffee (I have always taken it black, so cream is not a problem there), I stopped at the I Love Juice Bar and got 2 (one for today and one for tomorrow) Mean Greens Juice”…my favorite juice with such a spicy kick that satisfies and warms my body. This is information is from their website, https://ilovejuicebar.com/juicebarblog/meetthegreens to tell you exactly what is in it and the health benefits.

I ended up only drinking 3/4 of my first large serving so I should have enough left to enjoy for 2 more days. You have to think ahead for this journey to be successful.

For lunch, I took the leftover route with a cup of leftover Ikarian Longevity Soup (see yesterday’s post for my version). It actually was even better the second day!

Throughout the day, I had two snacks, a green apple, a serving of pistachios, and a slice of pepper jack cheese. As I said, I’m still allowing a little fish, eggs and dairy.

Interesting note, but did you know that apples are considered one of the best superfoods in that it is already in a standard portion size, you can eat it on the go, it gives you the sweetness you might be missing from all that processed sugar and if you leave the skin on, it reduces cholesterol!

Pistachios are known for being heart-healthy and an anti-inflammatory. However, since they contain so many antioxidants, they naturally prevent some of the signs of aging. Notice that word “naturally”…How many people do you know that each such a healthy diet but actually put a bacteria that comes from botulism in their skin! I just don’t get it, but to each their own. More pistachios for me!

Finally, my dinner was a sandwich but not just any sandwich. I started off with a whole grain bread which is a great source of fiber and protein and helps give you that full feeling to prevent overeating. Next, I spread some hummus on both sides of my bread, then topped with thinly sliced cucumbers, clover sprouts, tomato, and avocado.

The result..a beautiful colorful sandwich packed with nutrients!

So, I said I would share the good stuff but the missteps as well. I did have a chocolate craving so I did indulge in 2 mini snack size snickers. No regrets..this is a daily step-by-step and it isn’t the worst choice I could have made. 🙂

I keep up with my calories and nutrients on an app called MyFitnessPal and it indicted that I was a little under in calories for the day even with my little candy bar “hiccup”. I need to work on upping the calories just a little so I don’t one day fall off the wagon because I don’t have enough energy. However, allin all day 2 went pretty well and other than that small hiccup, I never felt hungry.

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