So, you are making progress on your plant-based lifestyle and what event comes up that can be tempting to just give in to all those indulgent foods for just one day? Super Bowl Sunday! Since I’m a Food TV show junkie, it was hard to see all those hot wings, hot dogs, and um, the burger recipes! Those were the hardest!

On New Year’s Eve, the day before we started our new eating lifestyle, Jeff asked me what I wanted as “last meat meal” for a while. My request? Steak…no. Fried Chicken…no. Not even Ribs! All I wanted was a burger and he gave me a great one filled with yummy horseradish on the inside. It was fantastic!

So, naturally, it was a burger I wanted on Super Bowl Sunday and after much research on not only taste but the ingredients list as well, we decided on the Beyond Burger.

Since these are pre-made burgers, this post isn’t really a recipe but what we used to grill them and how we served them.

First, after reading some reviews, we discovered that sometimes they fall apart when grilling. To combat that, Jeff had the great idea. He put them in the freezer for about 20 minutes just to firm them up, not to freeze.

To season, we sprinkled a little garlic powder and onion powder on each side.

For a little extra flavor, we created a little grilling sauce.

Savory Grill Sauce

  • 2/3 cup Dale’s Sauce, low sodium
  • 1/3 cup soy sauce, low sodium
  • 1 tbsp, Worcestershire sauce

Note: You will definitely not use all this but we like to keep extra sauce in the fridge to add depth to our grilled dishes. A splash is always great in vegetable soup as well!

After heating the grill, we brushed a little clarified butter directly on the grill and grilled each side for 5-6 minutes. As soon as we put them on the grill, we brushed them with a little of the grill sauce and then again when we flipped them over.

The internal temperature should be 165 degrees but they will still be quite pink in the middle. This is due to the beet juice in them that helps create a similar color burgers have when they are cooked. I promise you, they are cooked all the way through!

We served them on top of Brioche Buns made with wheat flour and spread mustard on each side. The topping was tomato, carmelized onions, and just a sprinkle of blue cheese for extra flavor.

I served them along side roasted cabbage wedges and air fried french fries…they were soooooo good!

Bottom Line: These definitely helped calm my burger craving and gave me the taste and texture I was looking for. From a nutrition standpoint, these are only a little lower in fat than a real burger…but these have no cholesterol which is huge for us! Will I eat this weekly, no, simply because they are higher in fat than most things I’m eating these days. But as an indulgent dish that stayed within my Plant-based guidelines, these were a winner!

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