Month: June 2014

Kinky White Wine Sangria..My Personal Naughty Creation!

Over the weekend, I had the great pleasure of having a Mother-Daughter day with my 23 year-old daughter, Ashleigh.  We had a wonderful massage and afterward, I wanted us to have a special “treat” knowing that we would be unwinding later on… Read More

Spicy Mexican Seafood Cocktail…A True Inspiration!

Pinterest!  It had me at “Hello”!  Soooo many food inspirations and sharing of recipes have come from this website and today’s blog is a perfect example of the yummy results!  This is the picture of a Mexican Shrimp cocktail that started it… Read More

Mini Pancake Muffins….Sooo Many Possibilities!

I am not much of a sweet tooth and not even a big breakfast fan but after watching Ree Drummond make her Mini Pancake Muffins, I knew this was probably a recipe I would use often!  Ree, otherwise known as the Pioneer… Read More

Pioneer Woman’s Meatloaf Recipe…Can you say BACON??

When you think of think of Comfort.  Wrap it in Bacon…you think WHAT???  That is exactly what I thought the first time I saw the image of Ree Drummond’s Favorite Meatloaf Recipe from her show Pioneer Woman on The Food Network…. Read More

Feta Stuffed Tomatoes…A Southern Living Recipe

If there was one food I could never go without, it is the tomato.  As a matter of fact, most of my recipes either have tomatoes in them or I will serve one sliced on the side.  To me, the tomato not… Read More

“Tipsy Pasta”…A Personal Creation

Cooking is much like art.  The plate is your canvas, the food ingredients are your colors, and your herbs, spices, and other types of flavors are your tools.  Creating a new recipe can be lots of work or it can be easy… Read More

Eggplant Parmesan…Giada De Laurentiis Style!

Summertime brings all kinds of new opportunities for cooking…All the fresh vegetables and herbs with their bright colors creating such savory flavors!  It truly is my favorite time of the year to be a personal chef and I couldn’t wait to have… Read More

New Orleans Style Shrimp and Rice by Martha Stewart

 I love shrimp!  It can be prepared in so many different ways and is especially fun to eat in these warm summer months!  I went looking for a light but tasty shrimp dish with a Cajun twist and I came upon an… Read More