Month: March 2015

Braised Mahi Mahi Puttanesca…..A Mediterranean Dish compliments of Curtis Stone

Spring has been a long time coming here in East Tennessee.   In fact, we are still struggling to get away from Winter’s chilly grasp but the fresh flavors that we all love about this time of the year, are readily available in our local markets.  One… Read More

A Taste of St. Paddy’s Day…Corned Beef, Potatoes, Carrots, and Roasted Cabbage on the side!

I love Corned Beef!  My favorite way to have it is on couple of pieces of Rye Bread, smothered in sour kraut and mustard, topped with gooey swiss cheese…grill it and I’m good to go!  You can always get excellent Corned Beef… Read More