My test run of being on a plant-based pescatarian has come to an end, so what did I learn and what is next? My plan had been to blog everything I ate every day..that got boring quickly for me so you noticed the past couple of weeks, I just blogged on new recipes that I tried and liked. But what did I really get out of this experience?

First, I feel amazing! When I eat, I feel extremely satisfied. While weight loss was not my primary goal, I did want to lose those 5 lbs that came along with the “natural state of a females’s life in her 50’s”, lol! But I ended up losing 7 lbs without even doctor actually told me not to lose another pound! Now, I just need to start working out to tone it up! Jeff lost 16 lbs….he looks great!

One of the most amazing changes is in my taste buds! They are so much more receptive to new flavors and it seems like I can differentiate between individual flavors a lot better! I’ve tried things again that I’ve always hated, like salmon and sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are still not my favorite, but I don’t mind them roasted in some dishes. I’m now over the top about Salmon…I love it! My salmon foil packs are one of my favorite recipes because everything is in one packet and there is no clean up. I’ve loved experimenting with completely plant-based vegetarian recipes and look forward to trying even more!

So what does Plant-Based really mean? At first, I really had a hard time figuring it out. What could or couldn’t I eat? Well, it turns out to be very simple. Plant-based means 80% of your diet is plants..that’s it. Can you eat meat? Yes, as part of the other 20%, meaning not often. That is where the Pescatarian or Pesco-Vegetarian comes in. They don’t eat meat but allow fish, dairy, and eggs. So in a nutshell if I’m going plant-based, only 20% of the time do I eat the fish, dairy, and eggs. It’s working for me and I really love it!

Here is a little diagram that I found to help you if you are thinking about a plant-based life-style .

As you can see, you are allowed to eat meat on a plant-based diet; it’s just something to be avoided. So if you are wanting to try and eliminate most animal protein, a pescatarian version might be a great idea for you!

Another huge change we made was cutting out processed foods. I truly believe that has been the key in the weight loss. If a food has an ingredient in it that I can’t pronounce, it’s not going in my mouth. Carrots and hot sauce is my favorite snack along with air-popped popcorn Who knew how much fiber is in that!

So what now? Well, both Jeff and I have decided to continue on with this eating plan. We both feel great, have a lot more energy, and love trying all these new foods and recipes. Will we have meat again? Probably but even if we do, it will be rare. I wonder if I will even enjoy it like I used to?

Anyway, if you are looking to shift your diet to more natural and healthy style of eating, this is a great food plan choice! I will keep you posted on fun, new, and tasty recipes to start you on your path!

4 Comments on “My January Journey Plant-Based Pescatarian Diet…The Results Are In!”

  1. Plant-based is great! Looking forward to reading more about your journey. I’m vegan – I used to be wholefood only, but that slipped when I was studying – I need to get properly back into it again!


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