Back in the fall my neighbor, Zarah Yerger, got an Instant Pot and she was so excited about it.  Oddly enough, with all the cooking that I do, I had never heard of such a thing.  Supposedly, it was one appliance that… Read More

The holiday season, from Thanksgiving to Christmas, is my favorite time of the year!  Something about the opportunity to gather with family and friends surrounded by twinkling lighted trees and crackling warm fires always comforts me….and, OH THE FOOD!  It seems that… Read More

“Tomato Pie??!!??”  That is the response I got from the  grocery clerk when I answered his question about what kind of pie I was making as he was ringing up my frozen pie crusts.  He had never heard of it before and… Read More

On a warm summer day, there is nothing like biting into a juicy, buttery piece of corn on the cob and that is usually my favorite way to eat corn.  However, sometimes we like to take it to another level…one that is… Read More

If there was one food I could never go without, it is the tomato.  As a matter of fact, most of my recipes either have tomatoes in them or I will serve one sliced on the side.  To me, the tomato not… Read More

Cooking is much like art.  The plate is your canvas, the food ingredients are your colors, and your herbs, spices, and other types of flavors are your tools.  Creating a new recipe can be lots of work or it can be easy… Read More

So Easy! So Simple!  Just slice up some Strawberries and Watermelon, chop up some Basil, mix them together, and top with a nice drizzle of Balsamic Glaze!  This is the perfect light side dish that pairs very well with your favorite fish… Read More

Recently, I mentioned that I had A LOT of Red Beans and Rice leftover and I really wanted to make sure I used them since they were so delicious.  An obvious option was to make a Cajun Pork Tenderloin (I will share… Read More

Are you one of the guilty ones who bakes their potatoes in foil?  If so, you are making a critical kitchen mistake.  In fact, you are not actually baking the potato but steaming it! The perfect baked potato  has crispy, golden skin… Read More

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