Month: August 2014

Perfect Pan Seared Pork Chops…Well, Almost! By Serious Eats

I confess…I am not the biggest pork fan especially pork tenderloin or pork chops.  I just find that no matter how you cook them, you end up with a dry and tasteless cut of meat.  My husband, Jeff, however is a huge… Read More

Spicy Garlic Marinara Sauce…Canning and Freezing from Better Homes & Gardens

It is that time of the summer harvest season when the tomatoes are causing their vines to droop, heavy with the green and red fruit.  Sometimes it’s hard to find new ways to use these delicious, juicy delights but why not use… Read More

Tomato Pie….A Recipe with a Hometown Story

“Tomato Pie??!!??”  That is the response I got from the  grocery clerk when I answered his question about what kind of pie I was making as he was ringing up my frozen pie crusts.  He had never heard of it before and… Read More