Month: September 2015

Red Gold Tomatoes, Luke Bryan, and Recipe Realities on Local Morning show!

Check out today’s live cooking segment featuring Red Gold Tomatoes and the Luke Bryan Farm Tour!

Luke Bryan’s Favorite Casserole: Chicken, Rice, and Tomato Bake from Red Gold Tomatoes

Luke Bryan’s favorite casserole dish?  You may be asking yourself, “How does she even know what that is?”.  Well, recently a wonderful opportunity just landed in my lap!  One of my favorite products, Red Gold Tomatoes, contacted me and asked if I would help them out in promoting Luke’s upcoming Farm Tour stop in Greenback, …

Roasted Poblano & Onion (Rajas)…A taste of Mexico brought home to Knoxville!

On a recent trip to Mexico with Jeff, I found a new favorite cuisine…Rajas.  In Mexico, Rajas mean “strips” and that is really all it is…just a simple sauteed mixture of strips of Roasted Poblanos and Onions but the flavor it adds to just an ordinary dish for heat seekers like me is well….AMAZING! My …