On this chilly, rainy day here in East Tennessee, I thought I would share a former post on my favorite beef stew recipe that is on our menu tonight! My house smells amazing as it cooks and it is a must try in your kitchen!


If you have been following my blog over the last year, you have figured out that my favorite foods are usually served in a bowl…the perfect vessel for delicious brothy bites!  One of my favorite recipes is actually probably one of the simplest…Beef Stew.  Although I have tried many other recipes with wonderfully exotic ingredients, I keep coming back to this one with a few “shortcuts” because it truly turns out perfectly every time.

Aunt Joyce's Beef StewAunt Joyce’s Beef Stew

This particular beef stew recipe was given to me right after I got married (29 years ago this weekend) by my mother-in-law’s twin sister, Joyce Self.  Aunt Joyce, much like her sister, is an excellent cook and I have gotten several great ideas from her over the years but this one is my favorite because not only does it taste so good, you don’t even have to brown the beef!  It is truly simple…

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