I made this healing tonic last year and posted it on my blog. I am making this year’s this week because it truly worked! Check it out make some for your family to avoid this season’s illnesses!


Every year right around Thanksgiving, I get the crud and last year it was the worst ever!  The first “bout” came a week before Thanksgiving and by the day after had worsened into a sinus infection.  About the time, I started feeling better, I started the whole process again truly not feeling better until mid-January.  This year, I was determined that it wasn’t going to get me but I just didn’t know how until I saw a post on Facebook by “Heal Thy Self” called Fire Cider.  Could this be my answer?

Fire Cider by Mountain Rose as seen on Facebook by "Heal Thy Self"Fire Cider by Mountain Rose as seen on Facebook by “Heal Thy Self

Now the process was quite lengthy in that it would take at least two weeks to make but the theory was quite simple.  After the two week “prep period”, you take one tablespoon per day for prevention and if you feel something coming…

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