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Strawberry Watermelon Salad…My New Favorite Side Dish!

So Easy! So Simple!  Just slice up some Strawberries and Watermelon, chop up some Basil, mix them together, and top with a nice drizzle of Balsamic Glaze!  This is the perfect light side dish that pairs very well with your favorite fish entree…or serve it as a light dessert.  Yummy!    

Strawberry Italian Ice….a Tasty Celebration Treat from Food Network Magazine

Strawberries…a sweet and juicy burst of delight!  Recently, Jeff brought home way too many for us to eat from one of his sweet employees at the plant.  They are always sending him home with fresh farm eggs, strawberries, blackberries (my favorite), but sometimes there is just too much for the two of us and I …