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Baking Potatoes in Foil? NO!!! – My Kitchen Pet Peeve

Are you one of the guilty ones who bakes their potatoes in foil?  If so, you are making a critical kitchen mistake.  In fact, you are not actually baking the potato but steaming it! The perfect baked potato  has crispy, golden skin on the outside and a steamy, fluffy texture on the inside!  To create …

Kitchen Tip: What to do with leftover wine?

While I don’t often have white wine leftover, I usually always end up having extra red wine.  Instead of throwing it away, pour it in ice cubes and freeze to use later in sauces and braises! Saves money as well, especially if you need just a little wine for cooking purposes only…try it; it works!

Kitchen Tip: Easy remedy to get rid of food smell in your kitchen after cooking!

So the food was great but do you really want to keep smelling it in your kitchen?  You don’t have to….here is a fool-proof way of getting rid of unwanted cooking odors that we all have on hand.  Coffee grounds! Simply pour some in a small bowl (or two) and the coffee will absorb the …