Wow! Today hits the 2 week mark of my adventure and it is going really well! Although, I do have a craving every now and then, especially for chicken, I’m hardly ever hungry and I have a lot of energy. I needed it today because I had an early morning cooking segment in which I made my Healthy Layered Mediterranean Dip with veggies. Here is the recipe….

After the segment, I went to lunch with two of my neighbors and good friends, Zarah and Trisha. Surprisingly, I have never had a veggie or bean burger so I was eager to try one out and had heard that Cazzy’s Grill off Northshore Drive had a really good one! I decided to try that and instead of the fries, I got the succotash. Overall, I think it was a healthy choice. The bun was multi-grain, although I’m not sure if it was all whole grain. I loved the way the actual burger was grilled and had that char similar to a real beef burger. It was very good and as usual, I left with a to-go box so I could enjoy the rest for later.

Since the NCAA Football National Championship was on, I had no plans to cook and instead, I munched on the Mediterranean dip with veggies and had the rest of my burger. This just proves you can definitely follow this plant-based lifestyle without always being in the kitchen. Tomorrow, is suppose to be a rainy day and I still have some Christmas things to put away so my plan is to peruse the refrigerator and come up with something creative for dinner using ingredients I already have on hand…stay tuned!

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