Jeff and I have recently been talking about doing a little downsizing.  My idea of downsizing may be different than most…I want to downsize my square footage but UPSIZE my kitchen and that is where BlueStar Cooking has come in to help me in planning my Dream Kitchen!  It might look Ok a little like this….


I visualize a smaller home on at least 10 acres with not only an indoor kitchen but an outdoor one as well with a fireplace.  I know, that probably sounds like more upkeep, but when you love to get creative with food like Jeff and I both do, it makes perfect sense.

This range from BlueStar’s new Platinum Series would be a perfect addition to my indoor dream kitchen…(I might even consider adding one of these into my existing kitchen…Wow!)


It even comes in 750 colors!  Oh, the visions of delight that are going through my head in just the idea of picking the exact color combination!

Imagine all the tasty bites I could create on that baby!


If it is good enough for Michael Symon, it is good enough for me!  Check out his kitchen in this video….

What I love about BlueStar is the ability to go on to their site and customize their products right down to the knobs!  It was a lot of fun playing around on this page, to say the least.  Try it for yourself!

Heidi Piron

I hope my dream kitchen does become reality someday!  If you could build your dream kitchen, what is on your wish list?  I can’t wait to hear your ideas!

For more information on BlueStar, visit


1 Comments on “My Dream Kitchen….Yes, dreams can come true!”

  1. I absolutely LOVE that kitchen also!! We have an outdoor screen room with a rock fireplace, my hubbies handmade Adirondack chairs and kitchen plus smoker overlooking the river and we LOVE IT! Looking forward to many parties in the spring!


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