Usually my blog posts contain a recipe that I want to share with you but this one is a little different.  My former colleague and dear friend, Karen Holst, has taken on a new roll this year with the University of Tennessee as a Coordinator for University Assisted Community Schools and she recently shared with me a campaign that I knew I had to help with in any way I could.

I am asking my blog followers to help out with just $10 for the University of Tennessee’s Monthly Meals with a Mission for Pond Gap Elementary which “provides the opportunity for hard working parents to sit with their children and learn more about the programs and lessons their child participates in every day. It also allows for their parents to meet fellow community members and connect them with support services.”  They need $1000 to get the project launched but much more is needed to continue it.

Visit this site to find out more about this initiative and see the promotional video that Karen has done:


Being a former educator, I know the importance for children and families to get support from the community and what better way to do that than over a great meal!  Please join me in supporting this important cause!

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