Over the last year, Jeff and I have taken an interest in preparing ourselves and family for an emergency.  What if something as simple as a weather disaster leading to no power or food available even for just a couple of days actually happened? Or worse..what if it was something like one of the scary headlines that we hear on our national news such as the Eboli Crisis, Isis, or the possibility of nuclear weapons affected us? Would you be prepared? While these events seem unlikely, we believe it is important for every family to be prepared and have a plan.

Part of this plan includes natural healing, so this morning when I saw shared Facebook post on a blog called “Heal Thyself” hosting an online Master Tonic Party on October 23rd, I knew this was a must try! (Thank you, Cindy DuBois!)

Master Tonic by Heal Thyself
Master Tonic by Heal Thyself

The actual facebook post by Heal Thyself was a bit confusing as it advertised the Master Tonic Party but the picture was for a recipe called Fire Cider adapted by another wonderful natural healing blog, “Mountain Rose”. So, step 1 will be to attend the party, investigate both recipes and determine which one I am going to make and test for this upcoming cold/flu season!

Fire Cider by Mountain Rose
Fire Cider by Mountain Rose

Stay tuned and here is to natural healing!

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